Monday, 13 February 2017

Download Wi-Fi password recovery on your Android and on your tablets

Recover your Wi-Fi password, only need use this app you modern has the default password you can use this app to recover the passwords.

Never lose your Wi-Fi password again
This app only works for default password in some moderns
This is not for hacking Wi-Fi free networks, neither for Wi-Fi, it’s for recovery purposes
Support next networks
WLAN_XXXX, JAZZTEL_XXXX, WLAN_6X, YaCom_6X,Megared-XXXX, AXTEL-XXXX, InterCable6X, Inferable
Do not use in wrong way, the app can change your Wi-Fi settings.
This app can turn on your Wi-Fi

This app it’s like Wi-Fi hacker prank, or Wi-Fi hack joke, but functional.

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